RimauSwap V1

The Beginning

RimauSwap V1 was originally built to be the Local Decentralized Exchange (DEX) to service a specific country and to benefit the local communities through its Sustainable ESG.
The objective was to make it a showcase to the world that cryptocurrencies can be put to good use for the benefits of the underprivileged, starting with a country, one at a time and then expand the to more countries.

DEX As Means to Populate RIMAU Farm

At the core of RimauSwap Public Benefit Project is the DeFi Farm the team intended to build for DeFi Yield Farming & Portfolio Management.
The objective was to fund Sustainable ESG charity initiatives and contribute to the underprivileged community, sustainably, with self-sustainable proceed from the DeFi Farm.
Operating a Local DEX servicing local crypto community and calling for support of their Local DEX was the means for RimauSwap V1 to achieve the DeFi Farm population (digital asset pooling) objective.

Comply, Engage & Globalize

However, not long after the launching of RimauSwap to serve the specific local market, the regulator issued RimauSwap a Cease and Desist order.
Since then, RimauSwap took the Comply, Engage and Globalize approach to:
  • adhere to the regulator's recommendation
  • engaging relevant parties locally to better understand the local regulatory framework
  • expand scope of the project to change lives of underprivileged beyond one specific country

The Birth of RimauSwap Rebooted

The result of our rethinking and re-strategizing is RimauSwap Rebooted, with improved clarity in realization of its sustainable Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives, as well as a more direct approach to building RIMAU Farm Pool.

To Stakers of RimauSwap V1

The RimauSwap team would like to thank all supporters of RimauSwap V1 for adding liquidity in the RimauSwap V1 DEX farms. These farms are now decommissioned (stop paying out RIMAU rewards).
We recommend stakers to unstake from the decommissioned farm(s) they have participated in respectively.

Click HERE to unstake liquidity you have added to RimauSwap V1 Farms.

If you have participated in providing liquidity in RIMAU-paired farms (such as RIMAU/ETH, RIMAU/BTCB, RIMAU/BNB and RIMAU/USDT), we urge you to unstake from these farms and continue to hold RIMAU in support of RimauSwap Rebooted.