🍚1 Tonne Rice Program

RimauSwap 1 Tonne Rice Program

With the help of good Samaritans within global crypto communities, RimauSwap Public Benefit Project want to make sustainable, live-changing differences to the underprivileged.

RimauSwap FeedUp! Initiative distributes 1,000 kilogram of rice to feed the hunger monthly, starting countries around the ASEAN region.

Journey of a thousand miles begins with the a single step. We started small and aim to scale-up gradually as more proceed are generated from the RIMAU Farm Pool.

As of November 2021, two of the countries in the ASEAN region (Myanmar & Malaysia) have benefited from RimauSwap's FeedUp! Initiative.

Support our Mission and be part of this Public Benefit Project. Get RIMAU now.

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