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RIMAU Concierge Service

Use RIMAU Concierge Service for Hassle-Free Way to Get RIMAU!
If your crypto assets are in chains other than Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) and you do not know how to bridge them over to BSC to acquire RIMAU token, fret not. We have teamed up with CryptoAlice, our onboarding partner, to assist you with acquisition of RIMAU Token using your existing crypto assets conveniently!
As long as you have a BEP-20 wallet (Metamask, TrustWallet, imToken, etc); our concierge service providers will help you convert your crypto assets into RIMAU, hassle-free.
You can send your tokens (LTC, XRP, ETH and etc) to CrytoAlice; and they will convert, bridge and return RIMAU (and a tiny bit of BNB) to your wallet, minus a small execution fee (2%).

To get started, DM CryptoAlice in Telegram to inquire.