Frequently Asked Questions

What is RimauSwap Rebooted?

RimauSwap Rebooted is the first DeFi Public Benefit Project (PBP) on Binance Smart Chain with Appreciation Intensive Tokenomics & DeFi Farm funded Sustainable ESG to help the underprivileged, starting from the ASEAN region.

We want to gather all good Samaritans in the crypto communities globally to support the PBP's mission: to establish RIMAU Farm Pool for DeFi Yield Farming & Portfolio Management; and to fund ESG charity programs using proceed from the farm to help the underprivileged, sustainably.

What is RimauSwap V1?

As the name suggested, V1 refers to version 1 of RimauSwap. It aimed to be the preferred Local DEX for a specific country, benefitting the underprivileged community.

It has been 'rebooted' with expanded scope benefitting the underprivileged in the ASEAN countries instead of just one specific country; and with a leaner and more direct approach in establishing RIMAU DeFi Farm.

The result is RimauSwap Rebooted.

What is 'Public Benefit Project' (PBP)?

It refers to a for-profit project that intends produce public benefit. The project community think and do beyond profit and care deeply about changing lives sustainably with DeFi and Cryptocurrencies.

How does RIMAU PBP Contribute to the Underprivileged?

With the support from the good Samaritans in the crypto community to acquire RIMAU token in support of its Vision and Mission. Value of RIMAU acquisitions are extracted and added to RIMAU Farm Pool for Yield Farming & Portfolio Management to generate gains.

Proceed from RIMAU Farm Pool are then channeled to:

  1. Fund RIMAU ESG Drive to help the underprivileged.

  2. Buy RIMAUs from open market and burn to reward supporters with token value appreciation.

How Does RIMAU Reward Its Supporters?

Active buybacks of RIMAU tokens from open market and send them for burning (remove from circulating supply) makes RIMAU a deflationary digital asset. Reducing circulating supply will push value of RIMAU up over time.

Supporters (holders) of RIMAU benefits from token value appreciation over time; and the project ongoingly buys back RIMAUs with proceeds from RIMAU Farm Pool also means holders can exit at his/her target price without liquidity issue --even when no one is buying RIMAU, the project is still buying back from market for burning.

How is RimauSwap A Sustainable ESG?

By design, RimauSwap Public Benefit Project is meant to be an ecosystem that is capable of funding contributions to help the underprivileged communities sustainably. Learn more HERE.

What is 'One Tonne Rice' Program?

It is one of the many programs in RimauSwap's Sustainable ESG initiatives (FeedUp!) of the RimauSwap Public Benefit Project. The objective is to very straightforward --to feed the hunger.

Every month, selected underprivileged communities from countries in ASEAN region will receive 1,000 kilogram of white rice contribution from RimauSwap Public Benefit Project.

Learn more about FeedUp! One Tonne Rice ESG program HERE.

What Is RIMAU Token & Why Should I HODL it?

RIMAU is the native token for RimauSwap Public Benefit Project and it is also used for revenue extraction to populate RIMAU Farm Pool and generate gains with Yield Farming & Portfolio Management.

By holding RIMAU tokens, you are:

1) Helping to fund RIMAU's ESG charity initiatives that help the underprivileged.

2) Benefitting from long term RIMAU token value appreciation.

Value Retention & Appreciation

RimauSwap's Appreciation-Intensive Tokenomics is designed to reward early adopters and long-term hodlers of RIMAU tokens.

By making RIMAU a deflationary asset through token active token buyback from the market for burning.

As RIMAU Farm Pool grows bigger, so is the proceed it generates; and also token buyback from the market for burning. Reducing token circulating supply naturally results in token value retention & appreciation over time.

How To Get RIMAU Token?

Refer to How To Participate section to learn more.

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