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From V1 to Rebooted

Same vision as RimauSwap V1, more ambitious & improved clarity in sustainable ESG initiatives.

Rebooted To Change More Lives

RimauSwap Rebooted is an enhancement of RimauSwap V1. With experience and knowledge gained, we have gone back to drawing board and decided to make RimauSwap Rebooted a DeFi Public Benefit Project with better clarity in its vision, mission and Sustainable ESG initiatives.

Learn more about RimauSwap Rebooted HERE.

Here's a quick comparison of RimauSwap V1 and the enhanced RimauSwap Rebooted:
Aimed to be the preferred local Decentralized Exchange (DEX) for a specific country.
Expanded to gather all good Samaritans in the crypto community globally to help the underprivileged.
Sustainable ESG initiatives aimed at benefitting a specific country's local underprivileged community only.
Expanded Sustainable ESG Initiatives covers underprivileged communities in the ASEAN countries.
Operating DEX as the means to populate RIMAU Farm when RIMAU token hits targeted valuation. Takes a long time to realize farm population objective.
Directly populate RIMAU Farm Pool by gathering support from good Samaritans to acquire and hold Appreciation-Intensive RIMAU tokens.
Have not kickstarted any ESG initiative planned in the road map since launching, pending RIMAU Farm population.
Already kickstarted with '1 Tonne Rice' FeedUp! ESG Program in Malaysia & Myanmar on November 2021.
Relying heavily on high APR DEX farming rewards to attract yield farmers whom would typically sell off RIMAU as gains, adding challenge to rewarding project supporters with token value appreciation.
Active buybacks of RIMAU tokens from the market for burning with proceed from RIMAU Farm Pool reduces token circulating supply actively and results in higher token value retention and appreciation.